Changing Seasons

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

— Ecclesiastes 3:1

Chili simmers in the crackpot. Vibrant red and gold leaves drift through the air. Our breath makes little clouds in the crisp morning air. All signs suggest summer has given way to fall in yet another change of the seasons.

For those who live in the South, fall is a welcome break from the heat. For those in the North, the cooler temps are a warning that winter is just around the corner. Whatever our feelings about the coming change, we have no control over the weather. Once the leaves fall from the trees, there’s no reattaching them.

Life is constantly changing seasons. And according to Scripture, we do have a say in whether it blusters past us or we embrace each moment. There is enough time for every purpose under heaven, from giving up old grudges to making new friends. The key is recognizing when the time is right and seizing the moment.

How many times have we put off an opportunity to make amends, feel our grief or laugh with a child? Joy does not come from avoiding these things but in taking time to experience them. The time is now. Do it before the season changes and the door closes on things you’ve missed.


Today’s One Thing

Prepare for a successful changing of the seasons by tackling difficult jobs, broken relationships and unsettling emotions.


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