When you were in kindergarten or first grade and the teacher asked the entire class a question, do you recall everyone having an answer by a show of hands waving radically in the air? Who knows the percentage of students who actually knew the correct answer, but everyone wanted to be chosen.

For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you.
─ I Thessalonians 1:4 ESV

As you became older, the participation in answering questions with the same vibrancy and emotional excitement once demonstrated throughout the classroom likely began to waiver. As adults, no one likes to be called upon when they do not know the answer, but the opposite is true when you have the correct answer, regardless of age.

Jesus is the answer to an eternal life question, and you have been chosen.

Jesus is the answer to being accepted with all of your flaws, blemishes and sins by the Savior who loves you for your faith and actions to believe in Him. Your response requires faith.

The faith to accept Jesus as Savior is simple and foundationally solid. It’s as simple as taking an unfamiliar trip to a specific location and looking at your smartphone’s map. The destination point will be exactly where your app displays, even when you are not shown the potholes, roadblocks, wrecks or road construction occurring before or during your journey.

Eternal life is a destination location, and you are chosen to be a part of the Lord’s family. Accepting Christ is as simple as raising your hand and acknowledging your sins, believing Christ died for you to cleanse you from your sins, and confessing Jesus is Lord.

The journey looks different for everyone containing various obstacles, but the excitement awaits you and everyone else who accepts and believes in Jesus. God did not give His son to the elite or perfect people of this world but to all who believe and trust Him. You are chosen! Raise your hand and accept Him.

Today’s One Thing
Do you have the faith to believe in Christ and know your eternal destination? If yes, then ask one person, “Have you looked at your smartphone’s map today?” Do you know your ending destination point? Allow your conversation to percolate naturally and share with them the simple method to the Lord’s family.

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