Clutter – a Threat to Your Spiritual Life

Then Jesus said to them, “Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. Life is not measured by how much one owns.”

─ Luke 12:15 ESV

A good working definition of clutter is anything of little or lesser value that gets in the way of those things that have greater value in our lives.  Just a few examples of the things that we can cling to that keep us away from the things of greater value can include: unforgiveness, wasted time, disorganization, unhealthy friendships and unnecessary debt.

In Luke 12:15, our verse for today, Jesus reminds us clutter is a threat to our spiritual lives. Jesus knows clutter can be life-threatening. Satan can use clutter in our minds, hearts and relationships to accomplish his objective to keep us at a level of mediocrity. He wants us to settle for just getting through, not living intentionally for Christ.

Here are six reasons to declutter your life:

  1. Clutter is a threat to your spiritual life.
  2. Clutter is costly to your finances.
  3. It damages your relationships.
  4. It steals your focus.
  5. Clutter creates procrastination.
  6. It keeps you from living in the present. Anxiety occurs the further we get away from this moment in time.

Jesus warns us to stop chasing after the list of many things and choose to take the best part of it. You should choose those things that will give you the best return for your investment spiritually.

Today’s One Thing

Go back to the definition—clutter is anything of lesser value that keeps us from something of greater value. Take some time and think about the threat clutter can be to your spiritual life and what you can do to de-clutter today.


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