Created to Resonate with God’s Love

Stradivarius violins, handcrafted by the master luthier Antonio Stradivari, are globally renowned as the finest violins ever made. The oldest known Stradivarius violin dates back to 1666, crafted when Stradivari was only twenty-two years old. Born in Cremona, Italy in 1644, Stradivari devoted his life to the art of violin making.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

– Psalm 139:14 ESV

Over his lifetime, Stradivari designed and crafted more than 1,000 violins, with approximately 650 surviving to this day. Stadivari established his reputation in his own lifetime but gained even more recognition after his death over 250 years ago. These instruments are celebrated for their outstanding form, sound and beauty, and continue to set the standard in violin craftsmanship.

You are made to resonate with God’s love.

Just as every Stradivarius violin is meticulously crafted by the master luthier, you too are a masterpiece created by the ultimate Master Craftsman, God Himself.

You are not an accident or mere product of chance but are crafted with care and intention. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God who dedicates His energy and love into His creation. Every part of you, from your talents and abilities to your quirks and characteristics, are part of your unique makeup, infusing you with a singular purpose and role in this world.

God’s craftsmanship extends beyond physical attributes. He fashions our hearts, minds and souls, making us capable of love, kindness, courage and resilience. Our inner selves, just like the sound of a Stradivarius, are individual and unparalleled.

You are loved, valued, and cherished, not despite your individuality, but because of it. You are God’s masterpiece, created with an intentional and wonderful design.

Today’s One Thing

Like a Stradivarius violin resonating with its distinct sound, you too, are fearfully and wonderfully made to resonate with God’s love. Today, let your unique melody play out and add to the symphony of life.

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Source: https://www.stradivarius.org/stradivarius-violins/

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