Danny Gokey – Grab Ahold of the Promise of Peace

In a recent conversation with Family Life Radio, Christian musical artist Danny Gokey said, “Peace is part of the promise in the inheritance we have in Christ, but unfortunately, many people aren’t taking hold of that peace promised in Scripture.”

We must hold on to God’s promise that we have said we believed. And we must never let go. He has promised and he will do it.

─ Hebrews 10:23 WE

When you receive something in faith, you have to believe it in order to experience it. Danny said, “Faith is reaching out and grabbing the promises of God. Faith requires action on our behalf. And in this world, it’s really interesting how there is so much chaos that is stealing peace from people, but it shouldn’t be that way.” 

Without peace, you live in constant turmoil. Danny said when Covid began he made a decision. He lost most of his income for that first year all in one moment and didn’t know what the future held for him.

When we put our full weight of our feet on His foundation, peace comes back in.

Danny had spent years walking and living by faith. God always come through. He said in that moment, “I decided to trust God’s Word over what I felt and over what I saw, because faith is a full confidence in His authority.”

Abraham had every opportunity to lose peace when God promised to give him a son. Abraham and his wife, Sarah, didn’t have one for twenty-five years. But he believed God and you can too.

You can rely on the truth of God’s Word, even when it looks opposite of what you’re going through. Danny continued, “When we put our full weight of our feet on His foundation, peace comes back in. It takes a discipline, but you can get there. And that’s what’s helped me.”

Today’s One Thing

Look at the verse in today’s devotional above. Read it aloud as you think about something that is trying to steal your peace. Pray God’s Word: Father, today I hold on to the promise of your peace. I believe your peace is a gift given to me through my decision to live in Christ. I remind myself that you’ve given me peace no matter what I’m going through looks like. I refuse to let go of your peace. What you have promised, you will do. I wait patiently for you to work all things for my good. 

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