Encourage One Another

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord.”

─ Jeremiah 17:7

The prophet Jeremiah spoke boldly, admonishing the Israelites to trust in God while being held captive in a foreign land. He reminded them of their past – where they’d been and where they were going. He shouted hope for a new beginning and a future according to God’s promises. Even though they may have felt God had forgotten them, God wanted them to know He did not bring them this far to leave them where they were at.

Through the words of Jeremiah, God promised to fulfill his promise and bring them out of captivity. He promised to increase them, to provide for them abundantly and to listen to them. God was saying, “trust me and don’t despair” (Jeremiah 29).

God’s words are true for us today. We can call on Him with confidence. We can be assured He listens to our hearts cries. And He will always answer us.  He knows our ups and downs. He understands the difficulties of this life. Even though we often find ourselves in difficult seasons of life, God’s presence is with us.

We all need someone to tell us the truth, and to remind us of God’s promises – especially during tough times.

Today’s One Thing

Ask God to show you who He would have you encourage to trust Him today.

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