Essential Values

Your values create your identity and are essential to your daily life. They are, in essence, the items that help you prioritize and determine your life actions.

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight.
– Proverbs 12:22 ESV

Life is about choices. In most cases, you want to make the right decisions. So, what helps in making good decisions?

    1. Spend uninterrupted time with the Lord and ask Him to reveal the priorities He wants you to follow.
    2. Brainstorm by writing down the things the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. On your list, would you include exercising more, building deeper relationships, exhibiting kindness frequently, knowing scripture more intimately, thriving to learn from credible sources, expanding career choices, increasing finances, living with integrity, speaking honestly, seeking proper diets and sending love notes?
    3. Present your list to the Lord and ask for His guidance as He directs you in prioritizing each of your items.

Your priorities will guide you as you make decisions, and your decisions help formulate your identity.

Your identity is shaped by the values you prioritize and live by.

God does not evaluate you daily and determine if you meet the requirements to be His child. He does not criticize you based on your worthiness or accomplishments.

The moment you give your life to the Lord and accept Jesus as your Savior, He takes on your unworthiness and becomes your sacrifice so you can be in the presence of God. When you accept Jesus, you become God’s child, a Father who wants His best for you. He wants you to live life fully and be prepared to make good choices.

The Bible is living and active. The Holy Spirit desires to guide you to see the values the Lord has designed for you to prioritize. Live life in the confidence that you are God’s heir, and He has given you essential values through His Word.

Today’s One Thing
Read Mark 12:28-30 and ask the Lord to reveal the values He wants you to prioritize.

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