Let Christ Be Your Safety Net with Coach Dar

Following Christ means you won’t always know where He is taking you, but it will be the best place.

[Jesus] said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed him.
– Matthew 4:19-20 ESV

When Darleen Santore, known as Coach Dar, left a lucrative job to follow where the Lord was leading her, she knew she had no financial safety net. Her father questioned her decision, but she had to follow Jesus where He was leading her just as Peter, Andrew, James and John did. They were working as fishermen. That is how they earned a living. When He called them, they immediately dropped their nets and went with Him.

The disciples, like Darleen, left their livelihood. They did not have a safety net, but trusted in the One who knew all they needed. They trusted Him with their present and their future.

When you go where Christ leads you, He is your safety net.

Years later, Darleen is practically pinching herself. She is in awe of where God brought her. She works with corporate executives and professional athletes. She coaches them how to aim higher and achieve more, being the best they can be. If she had not followed Jesus when He gave her direction, she may still be doing okay and making a good living, but she would have missed out on so much more.

Is there something God is leading you to do? What is holding you back? Is it time to drop your “net” and follow Him?

Today’s One Thing
If God has made clear He wants you to do something you haven’t acted upon yet, talk to Him about it. Listen and then take the next step today toward following His lead.

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