Every Knee Shall Bow

Christmas is just around the corner, and life is full of distractions, especially in December when it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most. Among the clamor, a profound truth rises above all else: the sovereignty and splendor of Jesus Christ. You have a Savior who willingly humbled Himself, taking on the form of a servant, setting aside His rightful glory, all for love.

At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth.
– Philippians 2:10 ESV

You may wonder why the King of kings would leave His heavenly throne. It’s a divine mystery of love and redemption. Jesus opened a pathway for you to experience an eternal relationship and unity with God through His sacrifice on the cross. But His journey didn’t end at the cross. Paul revealed that the life Christ lived should encourage followers to imitate Him by humbling themselves, exalting God and loving others.

Imagine it: every living creature, every human heart and all of creation bowing in reverence to Jesus. This isn’t just an acknowledgment of His lordship, but an intimate, heartfelt worship. It’s the universe’s response to the love of a Savior who first humbled Himself for you. And you are invited to partake in this grand symphony of adoration.

You are deeply valued, seen and loved by the very One before whom every knee shall bow.

You may sometimes feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges or uncertainties about your place in God’s grand narrative. But here’s the heart-lifting truth: you are deeply valued, seen and loved by the very One before whom every knee shall bow. Because He humbled Himself, you were lifted up. He endured the cross so you could embrace eternal life.

As the hustle and bustle of Christmas surrounds you, know with confidence that Jesus Christ is not the distraction but the reason for celebration – not just in December, but also in everyday moments. He delights in seeing you embrace each day as an opportunity to build a happy and healthy relationship with Him.

Today’s One Thing
Reflect on the depth of Christ’s love for you. Consider the humility He demonstrated. As you ponder this, take a symbolic action: physically, if you can, bow to your knees in a quiet place, acknowledging Him as Savior and King. Do your best to exalt Him in your words, actions and thoughts. The Lord is blessing you.

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