Every Word Seasoned Well

Conversations are an intricate part of our daily lives. Some conversations are spontaneous, while in others, you give time and emotional energy to say the right thing. Picture your words, infused with grace and wisdom, tenderly touching the lives they encounter with kindness and understanding.

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.

– Colossians 4:6 ESV

Each day presents moments where your words hold the power to uplift, harm, mend or wound. Embrace the opportunity to use your speech as an instrument of grace, mirroring the love and compassion of Jesus.

Grace in conversation is seeing others through Jesus’ love, patience and understanding. It’s about deeply listening, empathizing and responding with a heart that prioritizes understanding over being understood. Wisdom in your words is a gift from the Holy Spirit, enabling you to speak truth in love and to choose the right words at the perfect moment.

Words tenderly touch the lives they encounter. Speak with kindness and understanding.

Let Jesus be your mentor in conversations. His exchange with the woman at the well exemplifies engaging gracefully and truthfully with others. Jesus never avoided difficult discussions, yet His words were always filled with grace and seasoned with wisdom. In your exchanges, ponder, “How would Jesus respond here?”

Your speech is an opportunity to spread the love and wisdom that emanates from your relationship with God. Each word you speak can plant a seed in someone’s heart, potentially growing into a life-giving tree. Speak with the confidence of one who is a messenger of God’s grace and wisdom.

Today’s One Thing

As you pray, say to yourself, “I am an ambassador of Christ. My words are a reflection of His grace, wisdom and compassion. I choose to speak words of life, encouragement and joy as I love others as Jesus loves me.”

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