Expect His Goodness

According to Forbes, Americans are exposed to more than 4,000 marketing ads each day. This influence flashing in front of your eyes and your mind processing the subliminal or supraliminal information can affect your desires and spending habits. How often have you found yourself wanting an item and searching the internet only to pause briefly and realize that you didn’t have any desired inkling for such an item two hours previously? 

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

─ Psalm 34:8 ESV

Marketing isn’t the enemy. It is simply an information device. Knowing its potential influence on your life is essential as you contemplate hopes, dreams and needs.  

Fasting from electronic or digital devices and concentrating on Scripture can help you sift out the unnecessary “wants” and bring focus on the items the Lord desires for you. Thoughts containing worldly wants mixed with actual needs can be complex. When you bring your requests before the Lord and wait for a response from the Holy Spirit, He will give you the directions you need. 

Take refuge in the Lord with all your thoughts and see that He is good and desires the best for you.

Being told “no” as a child when you asked for something may be the catalyst for not bringing your wants and desires to the Lord now. If that’s your situation, know that the Lord is good, and He desires you to trust in Him for all things. Trust in Him as you bring your wants and desires to Him.

The Lord is the perfect one to help you decipher between what is good for you to have and eliminate items from your thoughts that can create pitfalls. Expecting good for your life and seeing the Lord work things out in your favor is a blessing beyond any marketing technique and immediate gratification. 

Today’s One Thing

Before making any material or relationship decision, pause and take refuge in the Lord.

  1. Let Him know what you want and desire. 
  2. Listen for His direction.
  3. Follow His guidance.
  4. Anticipate peace with your decision-making. 

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