Finding Stillness in a Noisy World

“My writing process always starts with the listening because I feel like, what right do I have to say anything, unless I first considered what I should be listening to,” platinum recording artist and Grammy-award winning songwriter, Brooke Ligertwood shared.

Know this, my dear brothers and sisters: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry.

– James 1:19 CEB

There’s a world of difference between hearing and truly listening. James 1:19 is not suggesting you reduce verbal chatter. Instead, it’s an invitation to cultivate a willingness to accept new  ideas to truly hear God’s soft whispers in the chaos of this life.

Have you ever noticed that God often speaks in gentle conversation? He doesn’t scream or compete with the commotion; He patiently waits for you to seek His voice. In doing so, He offers you the priceless gift of choice: will you pause, lean in and truly listen?

When you prioritize listening to God, spiritual treasures await you.

Life’s incessant noise can be overwhelming, pushing God’s voice to the background. But  spiritual treasures wait for you when you prioritize listening. By seeking silent moments, by pressing pause on life’s commotion, you create sacred spaces where God’s voice becomes discernible.

If you make listening a regular practice, it can transform your relationship with God, allowing His voice to become the cherished guiding compass of your daily life. Remember, in every pause and in every silence, He is always speaking to your heart.

Today’s One Thing

Gift yourself ten uninterrupted minutes. Switch off your phone, take a deep breath and be present. Use this time to converse with God, sharing your hopes, fears and questions. Then, practice active listening. As thoughts or impressions arise, jot them down.

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