Give a Good Word

A person’s anxiety will weigh him down, but an encouraging word makes him joyful.

─ Proverb 12:25 GW

Janice squirmed a bit when she read the instant message, Brenda her coworker sent to the whole organization inviting coworkers to take cards from her desk and use them to share a word of encouragement with those they worked with.

It’s a really nice gesture, Janice thought, but I’m just not good at doing that. Then she felt a little nudge in her spirit. She knew all too well what that meant. God was asking her to step out of her comfort zone and act.

She walked over to Janice’s desk and asked for a few of the cards. “You can give them anonymously,” Brenda offered.

Back at her desk, Janice closed her eyes. “Lord,” she whispered, “give me your words of encouragement for my coworkers.”

Proverbs 12:25 encourages us to offer encouragement to one another. So often we’re too busy to think of others, or when we do, we don’t think our efforts are adequate or will be received well.

Choose to be someone’s good word today!

Today’s One Thing

Send three messages of encouragement to three different coworkers today. Write a card or sticky note and leave it where they’ll find it. Or send an email or instant message. If you struggle with what to say, share one of your favorite scriptures to encourage or inspire them.


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