Give God Complete Control

Do you ever compare yourself to others? Certainly, there are people you admire that you wish you were more like, at times. If we’re not careful with it, we can allow their successes to skew our own view of ourselves.

O Lord, I know it is not within the power of man to map his life and plan his course— so you correct me, Lord; but please be gentle ….

─ Jeremiah 10:23-24 TLB

We can see others who are better at certain things and can feel like God would have been better off to have asked them to do what He’s asked you to do.

But it’s not who you are that holds you back from accomplishing great things, it’s the person you think you’re not.

Moses thought he was not a good speaker.

Jonah thought he couldn’t preach to the people of Nineveh.

Mary had never been with a man.

Thomas doubted Jesus’ resurrection.

Paul persecuted Christians before receiving Christ.

I am willingly go where God directs and do as He asks.

Our verse today is the first few words to the prayer the prophet Jeremiah prayed. He acknowledged that a man’s life is truly not his own, but instead belongs to God, the One who created and saved him (v.23).

He goes a step further to declare that it’s not even humankind’s responsibility to direct our own steps, but that too belongs to God.

He then asks God to correct him, perhaps by giving him the courage to allow God to place him on the path that only the Father knows he should walk.

We all want a level of control in our own lives. And God has given us free will to choose our own way. But if we’ve accepted Christ and fully given our lives to God to command, then we should let go of all excuses, willingly go where God directs and do as He asks.

Are you following on the path God set before you, or choosing your own way? Has God asked you to do something, but you’ve made excuses or perceived that someone else could do a better job?

Today’s One Thing

Pray this prayer today:

Heavenly Father, I am sorry for making excuses and for trying to go my own way. I surrender fully to your will. Direct my path and show me how to live my life. I give you complete control today!

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