God Chose You First!

The Apostle Peter wrote a letter, which we refer to as 1 Peter, to encourage Christ followers. He knew Christians would face trials and persecution simply because they chose to live for Christ. In those days, Christians weren’t usually hunted down and killed across the Roman empire, but they faced social and economic persecution from the Romans, Jews and even their own families.

God the Father decided to choose you as his people, and his Spirit has made you holy. You have obeyed Jesus Christ and are sprinkled with his blood. I pray that God will be kind to you and will keep on giving you peace!
─ 1 Peter 1:2 CEV

Peter strongly declares you were chosen by God! This declaration seemed radical to the Jew of Peter’s day because they had always been God’s one and only chosen people group. Having a Christian believe they were chosen by the Father might even offend them, but through Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, all believers are His chosen ones.

We can all use some of that same encouragement today. Your salvation is assured; you belong to God. In God’s mercy, He provided eternal life that can never be taken from you. No trial or difficulty in life can remove you from the eternal promise of abundant life.

PQ: God’s mercy provides eternal life that can never be taken from you.

God the Father chose you and counted you as His own by faith. God the Son died for you while you were still far from God. God the Holy Spirit set you apart for God’s service and provided all the benefits of your salvation.

Today’s One Thing

Thank God today for your salvation benefits. Take inventory. How is your life different today because you belong to God? Have a conversation with someone about this today.

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