Hear Me

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

—Psalm 19:14

What a gift it is to be heard! In Psalm 19, David knows that he has sinned in the past, and he wants to remain in God’s path for his life. He doesn’t want his thoughts—or his heart—to lead him astray again. So he prays that God will hear and approve of his thoughts and words.

He’s not alone. We’ve all heard and seen small children beg, “Look at me! Listen to me!” Even the very young want to be heard and understood. When a parent listens and praises, we learn that we’re behaving as we should…or that we need to change when gently corrected.

Everyone who loves and worships the Lord wants to know the best ways to follow His commandments. We study His Word, we watch other believers, we pray…and we listen. God is the source of our strength and salvation, and we desire to please Him. We also need His guidance as we walk through each day, so we—like David—want to be heard.

And, without a doubt, God hears us. His answers may not be immediate or even clear at first. But we know from Scripture that He is always faithful and He keeps His promises. He will never let us down.

Today’s One Thing

Take a moment to pray that His will be accomplished in your life, and ask that He show you ways for that to happen.



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