Help in Transition

But I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more.

─ Psalm 71:14

Dana could hardly wait to hear about her eight-year-old Jaylyn’s successful day at school. The teacher had called or emailed her every day for the first week and a half of school to complain and ask for help at home, because of her daughter’s terrible behavior. Today had been the first good day without a complaint or a call.

As they struggled the first few days of school, Dana wasn’t sure what to do. There were a lot of reasons her daughter was angry and acting out. They’d moved to a new town and it was a new school. Jaylyn wasn’t happy about it either. In addition to the social changes – leaving friends and a familiar location – she struggled with reading. She had fallen behind at her previous school.

In addition to conversations with Jaylyn where she really listened to her, Dana took the matter to prayer and asked God to help her daughter. She asked for God to bring friends and teachers into Jaylyn’s life that would make the transition easier for her.

Jaylyn beamed with pride as she rushed into her mother’s arms. “I didn’t get in trouble one time,” she exclaimed. She found a note in her backpack from her daughter’s teacher that read: “We had a GOOD day. We are finding better ways to communicate and are starting to understand each other.”

Dana squeezed her daughter tight. “I know it’s because God is helping me,” Jaylyn exclaimed.

Today’s One Thing

Look for ways today to offer hope and encouragement to someone going through a transition.



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