His Faithfulness Is Your Shield

Have you ever stood next to a wall on a cold winter’s day for protection? Perhaps you hoped it would shield you from wind or protect you from the cold.

His faithfulness is like a shield or a city wall.
─ Psalm 91:4b CEV

Walls can have a negative connotation. They can be viewed as a source of division or even imprisonment. But when you look at walls in the Bible, they often represent security or a place of shelter, often giving someone a sense of belonging.

God’s faithfulness is your shield.

In our verse today, God’s faithfulness is compared to a shield or a city wall. His faithfulness in your life can become an impenetrable barrier that keeps you safe and protected. It is also a safe haven, enclosed around you to shield you from the evil of today.

You can trust God to keep you in all of your ways as you lean into Him.

Today’s One Thing
Think about the times God has shielded you from something or protected you in a difficult situation. Tell someone your story today and encourage them to trust God.

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