Hope is Never Lost

God’s Presence Makes All the Difference

Join us for an intimate look at Heather’s story, one of our very own team members at Family Life Radio. While her daughter grappled with unexplainable health symptoms, her husband had to undergo unplanned heart surgery, leading to unemployment. They were also relocating and almost lost the new house they contracted to buy.   

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

– John 1:14 ESV

You can hold on to Jesus – your hope to make it through every day!

This Christmas we wanted to bring you a story that would not be possible without the Christ of Christmas. It is because God so loved the world that He gave us the only hope we truly have. And that hope Who we hold on to when we are faced with the most impossible situations. None of our stories are truly possible without Him.

You can watch Heather’s story here!

In Christ, Heather and her family found the resilience and hope to navigate a series of challenges that would leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. It’s a testament to the kind of unshakeable hope that a relationship with Christ provides. We pray that Heather’s story serves as a beacon for you, illuminating how, because of Christ, we can find hope and courage—not just at Christmas, but every single day.

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