Increase Your Spiritual Zeal

Have you ever wondered about hearing the awe-inspiring, audible voice of God? Scripture teaches us about prophets throughout the ages hearing God’s voice and proactively telling others His message. The question to this inspiration is how do you cultivate a heightened sensitivity to hearing God’s voice and being obedient?

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

─ John 10:27 ESV

Jesus shares the parable “I Am the Good Shepherd” to illustrate several important facts about who He is and how followers should respond. His followers have a bond of trust and know His voice.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, not a good shepherd – the One and only! The more you read God’s Word and pray with an open heart, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak into your life, the more sensitive you become to knowing His voice without questioning its validity.

Reading the Bible and praying with spiritual sensitivity increases your awareness of hearing the Lord and receiving direction from the Holy Spirit.

Many distractions vie for your attention and influence. You must proactively build your relationship with the Lord. One systematic method of hearing God doesn’t exist. There are no transactional formulas, but there are ways to help you become more sensitive to Him.

  • Find an undisruptive location to read the Bible and Pray (Matt 6:6).
  • Relax your body by inhaling your breath, holding it for five seconds and then exhaling it. Relinquish all anxiety to the Lord (Phil. 4:6).
  • Confess your brokenness and vocally bring adoration and thankfulness to God.
  • Let your requests be made known to the Lord (Phil. 4:6) as you pray.
  • Listen and journal the things the Lord brings to your mind.

Hearing from the Lord is an awe-inspiring, peaceful, reassuring and inspiring encounter. And your experience is as individual as you are. Anticipate your encounters being personal, specifically designed for you. Over time, your zeal for a closer relationship with the Lord will become more profound and personal.

Today’s One Thing

Find a quiet place with the Lord and practice listening for Him.

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