It’s Okay to Vent to God

God, I’m crying out to you! I lift up my voice boldly to beg for your mercy. I spill out my heart to you and tell you all my troubles.

─ Psalm 142:1-2 TPT

Most likely you’ve let off some steam by speaking your mind during a frustrating moment in time. If it was done in a positive way, it probably had a good outcome, at least you felt better to talk about the issue. When you can connect to a supportive, positive and understanding community, it makes it easy to share your feelings in a healthy way.

Many of the words David wrote in Psalms can be considered “vents,” expressing his emotions to God about his grief over sin, his brokenness and hurt from what he’d done or what others had done to him. His words are timeless and can resonate in our hearts still today.

In our verse today, you can follow David’s example:

  1. Get alone with Him.
  2. Cry out to Him.
  3. Lift your voice boldly. He’s your Father and He loves you.
  4. Lift your voice boldly with confidence that He hears you.
  5. Spill your heart out on the altar of prayer, be vulnerable and honest with Him.
  6. Tell Him all your troubles.

Today’s One Thing

Reread today’s verse. Take time to consider your feelings. Then get alone with God today and use David’s example above to pour your heart out to Him.

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