Lead with Grace

 Let every word you speak be drenched with grace and tempered with truth and clarity. For then you will be prepared to give a respectful answer to anyone who asks about your faith.

─ Colossians 4:6 TPT

Do others consider you a gracious person? Grace can be a powerful act. Showing grace is dealing gently with someone, even when they do not deserve it.

When you lead with grace, it often opens the hearts of others to receive what you have to say. It makes a way for you to witness to the goodness of God. If you are blunt, harsh or confrontational, your message is seldom received.

In another translation, our verse today says to let your words be “seasoned with salt,” so that they are tasty and well received. Gracious words bring opportunity for further conversations.

When you lead with grace, you can look for others in need. You can respond to stressful situations with graceful answers, rather than confrontational ones. You can learn to say, “I’m sorry.” You can take time to say: “thank you.”

A few pictures of grace in everyday life include:

  • A prayer request for your friends, family or someone you don’t know.
  • A reconciliation with someone who’s been difficult in your past.
  • Stopping to help someone in need, even if it’s not your responsibility.
  • Remembering a co-worker’s birthday in the middle of your busy day.
  • Dropping an extra can of food into the donation bin after grocery shopping.

Grace sounds like a synonym of kindness, but it’s more powerful than that. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God (ESV).

Grace is a simple way to prefer others and demonstrate that you care.

Today’s One Thing

Choose one of the suggested ideas above to lead with grace this week. Or, ask God to give you an opportunity to demonstrate His grace.


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