Let the Lord Fight for You

The Lord God is your leader, and he will fight for you with his mighty miracles, just as you saw him do in Egypt.

─ Deuteronomy 1:30 TLB

Let the Lord Fight for You

Maria resisted the urge to turn off her video feed during an intense, private video conference with her boss. Normally she didn’t shy away from confrontation, and she struggled to maintain her composure as the shock of her boss’s words numbed her a bit. When the accusations dwindled, her boss asked if she had anything to say.

Words didn’t come, so she shook her head no, and her boss abruptly ended the call. The words from a Bible verse came to her mind several times during the call, “the Lord will fight for you.” She was tired of the battle; weary of the emotional drain, but not ready to give up. She went to bed that night and didn’t give the conversation another thought. She was determined to leave it all in the Lord’s hands.

In our verse today, Moses is reminding God’s people of the time when the 12 spies went into the land, and 10 of the 12 came back with negative, fearful reports and the people refused to move forward because they had forgotten how God had miraculously fought for them and delivered them out of terrible situations before.

Just as God fought for His people then, He will fight for you now. Just as Moses reminded the Israelites of God’s faithfulness and the miracles God had done for them in the past, you too can encourage yourself by remembering the times God showed up in your life when you needed Him most.

Today’s One Thing

How has the Lord fought for you in the past? How has He delivered you from difficulty? Go to Him in prayer and give Him praise. Remember, whatever you’re facing, He will fight for you!

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