Listen for the Shepherd’s Voice

A teacher asked one of the children in her class, who happened to live on a sheep farm, “If ten sheep were in a pen and one jumped out, how many would be left?”

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.
─ John 10:27 GNT

“None,” the child replied.

“You don’t know math,” the teacher said.

“You don’t know sheep,” the child answered.

It’s a fact that sheep follow sheep, but Jesus, the Good Shepherd said, “My sheep know my voice and follow me.”

Lean in and listen for the Good Shepherd to call you.

God speaks to us in many different ways. Sometimes He speaks:

In Scripture.

Through our intuition – feelings or thoughts we must discern.

Through the wisdom others share that lines up with His Word.

In the midst of circumstances in our lives.

Our world today is being led astray in so many ways. But as Christians, the Good Shepherd calls out to us, leading and guiding us to green pastures and still waters of peace. All we have to do is listen for his voice, and only follow Him.

Today’s One Thing

During your quiet time, read a portion of Scripture for about five minutes. As you do, ask God to speak to you. Journal your thoughts about what you believe God is saying to you in His Word today.

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