Make It Personal

Jacob’s story spans 25 chapters of Genesis. Initially known as a deceiver and a thief, he becomes the third link in God’s promise to make his grandfather, Abraham a great nation. It is God’s character that brings about that promise in spite of Jacob.

Wherever you go, I will watch over you, then later I will bring you back to this land. I won’t leave you—I will do all I have promised.
─ Genesis 28:15 CEV

God speaks to Jacob in the first of four very personal encounters. The first occurs after he deceived his father, Isaac and stole his brother, Esau’s birthright. God confirms the blessing would follow Jacob. God made the promise to him reflected in our verse above.

God desires for you to become a part of His story.

It was not enough to be Abraham’s grandson; he needed to have a personal relationship with God. Jacob probably heard the stories of God’s promise and His faithfulness to his grandfather and father growing up.

Until Jacob encountered God on a personal level, he could not fully become an extension of the promise.

You hear amazing stories of God’s promises fulfilled in the lives of others, but you have to have a personal relationship with God. He wants to know you intimately. He wants to share your life. He desires for you to become a part of His story.

Today’s One Thing
If you know God personally, thank Him that you are a part of His story, and ask Him for opportunities to share it with others. If you are still looking for Him, ask Him to come into your life.

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