Make More Memories

Do you remember happy times from your childhood? Have you shared them with your family? Children love for you to share your memories because the words bring them joy and a sense of security.

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart and tell about the wonders you have worked.
─ Psalm 9:1 CEV

The stories, funny moments and time spent together helped you grow closer to each other. God has given you the beautiful gift of memory. Your memory allows you to relive a special moment. Real life goes by in a blur, so it’s important to take time and create memories, especially with those you love.

Remember who God is by sharing memories of His faithfulness.

In the verse above, the psalmist is celebrating His memories of God’s faithfulness in his life. Stories of God’s provision and wisdom at work in your life are part of your family’s spiritual heritage. It’s important to share these stories so that memories of who God is to you and your family is remembered.

You can make memories that will last a lifetime. The more you put into it, the more you’ll know how to spend your time, energy and resources.

Today’s One Thing

Make more memories with your family; start by –  

  • Sharing stories of God at work in your life.
  • Recounting memories from your childhood.
  • Turning off the computer. 
  • Unplugging from social media. 
  • Silencing the cell phone. 

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