More than a Face in a Crowd

Have you ever felt unseen, like you’re moving through your days unnoticed, your struggles and joys invisible to the world? It’s a feeling we almost all feel, one that can make even the brightest days seem a bit dim.

[Hagar] answered God by name, praying to the God who spoke to her, “You’re the God who sees me! “Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!”

– Genesis 16:13 MSG

But, there’s a promised truth that shines through Scripture, offering a beacon of hope in such moments. Hagar, whose story is found in Genesis 16 calls God “El Roi,” which translates “the God who sees me.”

Just as the Creator of the universe, who set the stars in place and knows the depths of the sea, saw Hagar, He sees you. It’s much more than a glance in your direction, but a deep, understanding look into your life. He sees your challenges, your triumphs, your fears and your dreams.

Nowhere you go, nothing you experience, escapes God’s loving gaze.

But why does this matter? Well, being seen by God can bring a peace that’s hard to describe. He acknowledges your pain, notices your efforts and values your existence beyond measure. When you feel overlooked by the world, remember, He never overlooks you.

God has infinite ability to be intimately involved in each of our lives. His sight isn’t limited like ours. He’s actively engaged, guiding, comforting and loving each of us uniquely. And in those moments when you feel lost in the crowd, He’s there, whispering, “I see you, I love you, I’m with you.”

Remember, in the vastness of this world, you are never just a face in the crowd to Him. You are seen, known and deeply loved.

Today’s One Thing

Say this prayer or keep it as a confession in your heart: “Lord, thank you for seeing me. In moments of joy and in times of struggle, I am comforted knowing You’re with me. Help me to feel Your presence and to see others as You see me. Guide me in Your love and use me to share Your light. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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