Much More to a Name

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

─ Psalm 46:1

Our names mean different things to different people depending on how they are associated with us. When we say a name, we think of the character and heart of that person as they relate to us. God has many different names which describe who He is to us.

God is referred to as the “Rock of My Refuge” and “Rock of My Strength” (Psalm 94:22, Psalm 62:7). Rock, when referring to God, translated from the Hebrew, is an enormous projection or vast rock formation. God, by this name, is the untouched One who is unchanged by the effects of time and who remains a steadfast citadel, strong and dependable to His people.

John the Baptist baptized people. John the Revelator saw things to come. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, the father of many nations, before he ever had a child. Likewise, we are known for our character as well. Our reputations should reflect glimpses of God’s character, as we are made in His image. Who is known as the hardest worker, the most compassionate person, the teacher or the caregiver in our circle of influence?

How are we known? How does our character speak to others? Are we friendly, loyal and hardworking? What do others expect from us when they hear our name?

Today’s One Thing

Reflect on your character today. Ask God to show you if there are areas that need improvement. Then choose to make the changes necessary.

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