Peace – the Referee

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.”

—1 Corinthians 14:33

“Sorry I’m late,” Jackie said, standing next to her friend, huffing and puffing as she unloaded her things onto the stadium bench. “Wow! I forgot what a hike it is up these bleachers,” she said.

Della smiled a little, but seemed distracted. “Hey! Are you okay?” Jackie asked, taking a glance across the football field to see if any the players had come out of the locker room yet.

“Yeah! I’m okay,” Della said unconvincingly and by the reaction on Jackie’s face, she knew she had to spill it. “Well, I have a big decision to make. I’ve been offered a promotion at another facility north of the city. It would mean a longer commute, travel, and I’d have a completely new team to work with. It means a big change for my family – but increase in pay and it is the opportunity to do more of what I’m really passionate about.”

Jackie bit her bottom lip. “I want to be selfish and say, don’t take it because a longer commute means I see you less.”

“I’ve prayed and I just don’t have a clear answer,” Della confessed.

Jackie’s eye’s fell to the referee standing on the sideline before looking back to her friend. “Which decision gives you the most peace when you think about it? When you talk about one, does it cause conflict and confusion, and the other feels peaceful and right?”

“So, you’re saying to let peace be my personal referee?” Della asked.

“Exactly,” Jackie replied. “Go with the one that gives your spirit peace.”

Today’s One Thing

God is not a God of confusion, but of peace. When it comes to decision making, how can you let peace be your referee?


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