Push Back the Darkness

God was doing a new thing in a small church in a rural community. As they rebuilt their church after closures caused by the pandemic, God showed up and supernaturally brought people and finances together to begin again.

“Those who walked in the dark have seen a bright light. And it shines upon everyone who lives in the land of darkest shadows.”
─ Isaiah 9:2 CEV

People came together to celebrate in a night of worship, but one young man’s heart remained broken. His tears began to fall as he acknowledged his pretense before God. He felt like a traitor, pouring out his grief like a dark cloud hanging over a joyful celebration.

If this year broke you down. Isolated you. Left you grieving or fearful or hurt. I want you to know that you don’t have to muster up cheer. You don’t have to feel like a downer in the midst of celebration. You can sit at the feet of a savior who came for you where you’re at right now. That’s how Immanuel works. It’s God with us in the dirt, giving us hope in the face of despair.

Let His Light push back the darkness and set you free.

Suddenly, the presence of God slowly and gently began to comfort him. “I’m a disappointment to you … to everyone,” the young man whispered.

Then, from deep within, the young man heard God the Father respond. “I sent my Son for you. He came to heal the brokenhearted, and to announce freedom to those held captive (Isaiah 61:1).

For the first time in a long time, the young man smiled a genuine smile. He felt the light of God’s truth push back the darkness he’d felt in his soul.

If the past year left you in the dark, broken, isolated, grieving or fearful, God sent His Son for you. You can stop pretending. God is with you. He’s made a way for you out of the darkness.

Today’s One Thing
Come to God today in prayer, just as you are. Open your heart and speak to Him about how you truly feel. Give Him permission to push back the darkness and set you free. Become willing to do whatever He asks you to do.

If you feel like this truth doesn’t apply to you, then pray for someone else who is struggling.

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