Remember the Good

Focusing on goodness restores hope.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

– Psalm 103:2 ESV

Any relationship can fall into challenging times. Even your relationship with God can take some twists and turns as you struggle to understand His purposes. One of the best ways to lift a relationship out of a downturn is to remember the good.

In some of the Psalms, David cries out to God in honest discouragement, but in Psalm 103 he reminds himself to focus on the goodness of God:

  • He forgives.
  • He heals.
  • He redeems.
  • He satisfies.

As David praises God and recounts His benefits, he ends the Psalm with expressions of blessings.

Blessings come as you recount the goodness of God.

Amid challenging times when your feelings are having a hard time catching up with your knowledge of truth, you must make a choice to look for the goodness and recount it. Thank God for His love and mercy, for all that you know is true about His faithfulness.

Remind yourself of the good in your relationship with God and with others. Whether in your relationship with a spouse, child or other family member or friend, assume the best and dwell on the good aspects of the relationship. Remember the positive efforts the other person is contributing.

Today’s One Thing

Read Psalm 103 and praise God for at least five of His blessings. Let someone in your life know what you specifically appreciate about them.

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