Renovations of the Heart

A wise woman builds her house, while a foolish woman tears hers down by her own efforts.

─ Proverbs 14:1 TLB

“This is my favorite room!” Brenda gushed. “We gutted the bathroom, tore out a wall to add more space and put in new windows. Isn’t it beautiful?” Her friends had to agree. In fact, the whole home had been transformed by the couple’s yearlong efforts. “I think I can finally call this place home,” Brenda concluded with a smile.

“Weekend warriors” have turned the Do-It-Yourself craze into a billion-dollar industry. But, while home renovation is booming, is it possible that you and your family are in need of repairs of a more internal nature?

The Scripture reading for today contrasts two women; one who builds her home with wisdom and another who tears it apart with foolishness. Though each woman is given similar challenges and choices, the results are quite different. Today, you also face various dilemmas—how to spend your money, where to invest your time, which principles you will emphasize. Your decisions will determine whether you’re doing home improvement or demolition.

Today’s One Thing

What is the spiritual condition of your heart? Is it resting on a solid foundation? Are you constantly building it with the truth of God’s Word? Pray for God to provide you the tools—wisdom and will—to carry out those internal renovations you need to honor Him.

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