Resolutions to Results

Because of Christ and His actions, you have the power and freedom within you to achieve your dreams and goals given to you by the Holy Spirit. With freedom comes a responsibility to establish resolutions and commit to discipline to see results.

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

– Proverbs 16:3 ESV

With faith and trust in God, you can achieve anything the Holy Spirit has laid upon your heart. God will give you a mindset to pursue and execute your goals when you trust and commit your actions to Him. Here are four practical tips to help you maintain discipline and commitment on your journey:

  1. Pray: Begin by asking the Lord for guidance to help create a specific, measurable and achievable plan.
  2. Create a Plan: Write these items down and post them somewhere visible so you are reminded of your daily goals (see Proverbs 21:5).
  3. Take Action: Once you have a plan, step toward achieving your goals. Be consistent in your efforts, even when it’s difficult (see Proverbs 13:4). Work hard and push yourself toward achieving what the Lord has given you, even if incrementally.
  4. Trust in God: Ultimately, your success is in God’s hands. Expect Him to guide you on your journey and to provide the resources and opportunities to achieve your goals (see Proverbs 3:5-6). Don’t be surprised when God honors your work by providing answers or help to you in a way that only He can orchestrate.

God desires you to pursue the ambitions and dreams He has given you.

Success is not just about achieving your goals but also about the person you become through your actions. Be patient with yourself, rely upon the Lord, embrace the journey and celebrate your progress. Use the experience you glean to learn, grow and deepen your relationship with God as you push toward your goals.

Discipline and commitment are essential to achieve your goals. With trust in the Lord, a solid plan and consistent action, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve your ambitions and dreams.

Today’s One Thing

Review the tips above and talk to the Lord about what He would have you do next.

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