Reverence through Thankfulness

This morning, did your alarm gently awaken you and your eyes began to flitter as you started to familiarize yourself with all the day’s priorities? As you began to tackle the day, did your priority list get put to the side as you rushed to make breakfast, get the kids ready and then revisit your day’s schedule? Wow! In your busy life, it’s sometimes hard to find time for God.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

– Psalm 19:1 ESV

Think about the skies proclaiming God’s work? Even in the most chaotic moments, the world around you is a testament to the Creator’s majesty.

When looking at your schedule, you may ask, “How can I cultivate reverence in my fast-paced world?” Start with thankfulness. When you’re rushing to work, dropping off your kids at practice, or scrambling to find quick dinner options, take a moment to offer thanks. Thank God for the sky that paints a new masterpiece every morning and evening, for the laughter of your children—even if they are all grown up.

A thankful heart is a fertile soil where reverence grows.

Cultivating reverence to God can fit into even the busiest lifestyles. Your soul can find revival in God’s perfect law and wisdom in His truth. Your challenges, whether managing a household, balancing work and life or healing from past wounds, are navigable with God’s guidance.

Without question, you’re juggling a lot, but don’t let the juggling balls that you’re keeping in the air distract you from the rock, your redeemer. Your words and thoughts hold power. When your words are focused on thankfulness, you naturally cultivate reverence for the Lord.

Today’s One Thing

Take five minutes to pause from your busyness. List a few things you’re thankful for. They can be as simple as a timely traffic light or as profound as a loved one’s hug. Thank God for these blessings and meditate on Psalm 19. Allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate reverence in your heart and give you an eternally enriching perspective.

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