Seen and Loved by You

Christian singer and songwriter, Patrick Mayberry’s journey from self-doubt to embracing God’s calling is a struggle so many of us can relate to. He shared, “I feel like a lot of things got put in me just out of pure fear and lack of qualification. And God invited me to let go of a lot of those things. This was a big catalyst moment.”

We can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can mortals do to me?”

– Hebrews 13:6 GW

You may have experienced feelings of inadequacy, fear or doubt in your life. Perhaps you’ve questioned your abilities or wondered how God could possibly use you. But just like Patrick, you can find confidence in knowing that the Lord is your helper. You don’t have to be afraid or feel unqualified. God sees you, loves you and has a unique purpose for your life.

Accept God’s invitation to let go of feelings of inadequacy, fear and doubt.

God’s invitation to Patrick to let go of his fears is an invitation to you as well. It’s a call to trust in Him, to know that He is with you and that He will take care of you.

As you respond to God’s invitation, you’ll find the courage to embrace God’s plan for your life. You’ll discover that you are seen and loved by God, and that He has a beautiful plan for you.

Today’s One Thing

Begin by reflecting on Hebrews 13:6 and what it means for you. Write down any fears or doubts you have and then, in a symbolic act of letting go, tear up the paper and throw it away. Trust that the Lord is your helper, and He will guide you.

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