Simple Conversations

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

─ Romans 12:12

Emily received a text from her sister-in-law, Tammy. Her niece, Emma had been rushed to a nearby hospital after collapsing in the hall at her local high school. Emily rushed to the hospital and was relieved to find Tammy in the waiting room.

“It’s an appendicitis,” Tammy said. “They caught it before her appendix burst; they’ve taken her to surgery,” Tammy said, eyes wide. “Will you pray?”

Emily took Tammy’s hand and began to ask God to protect her niece, to provide wisdom and guidance for the medical team and to give peace to Emma’s family.

Tammy looked up with tears streaming down her face. She was no longer shaking. “How did you learn to pray like that?” she asked.

“Prayer, for me, is simple,” Emily replied softly. “It’s just a quiet conversation between me and my Heavenly Father. I shut my eyes and talk to Him like no one else is listening. I’ve learned to tune everything out around me and focus on Him.”

“I don’t pray in front of others because I feel like I don’t know how to pray,” Tammy confessed. “And I worry that my words aren’t right or good enough when others are listening. Your prayers just seem to flow.”

“I’ve learned, it’s not always what you say, but your desire to connect with God. It’s the communication that happens in the heart.”

“So, you’re saying I should just express how I feel to God, and not worry about anything else?” Tammy asked.

“Yes,” Emily nodded. “Why don’t you try right now?”

Tammy bowed her head.

Today’s One Thing

Take your feelings to God today. Don’t hold back. Whatever you are feeling or thinking, share it all with Him today.




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