Soul Rejuvenation

Lather on the refreshing benefits of God’s Word.

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.

–Psalm 19:7 ESV

What rejuvenates you? Sleep? Running? Playing Pickle Ball? A good song? A cup of tea in the afternoon?

With one full day after another, it is easy to become distracted from where your weary soul finds refreshment. While your body may need a little walk for a pick-me-up, your soul, your innermost being is revived by God and His Word.

Your soul thirsts for the pick-me-up of God’s Word.

What do you think of when you think of God’s law? His directions are good for you. He gave them with your best interest in mind. They are not to keep you from enjoying life. On the contrary, God’s teachings bring you joy. They protect you, revive you and restore your well-being. Lather it on as you would a good moisturizing lotion when your skin is cracked and dry.

Rejuvenation of your soul requires intentional time in God’s Word. It is helpful to have a certain time and place each day where you stop to read and pray.

Today’s One Thing

Take time today to pray aloud David’s Psalm 103.

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