Step into a New Journey of Discovery

When you were a child, did you ever wonder how certain desserts were made, how far it was to a twinkling star, why certain fragrances smelled wonderful or why the simmering glow of a campfire was relaxing? With your wonder, did you ever consider that God placed curiosity within you, waiting to be awakened, leading you on a journey of discovery?

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

– Matthew 7:7 ESV

Through the power of prayer, seeking and knocking, you can access the joy of God’s intricate beauty and wisdom. Consider what speaks to you. Maybe it’s a breathtaking sunrise that paints the sky with gold, blue and pink hues. Perhaps you find the delicate intricacies of gravity and how it affects the entire solar system fascinating.  Each wonder and revelation are a testament to the Creator’s wisdom beckoning you to delve deeper into His joy.

God desires for you to discover Him in a deeper way.

How can you cultivate curiosity and unleash the joy of discovering God’s creation in your daily life? It starts by embracing the purity of wonder. Approach each day, eager to explore and learn, as if seeing the world with fresh eyes and with an open heart to learn. Nurture an insatiable hunger for knowledge and understanding, knowing that every discovery brings you closer to the Almighty Creator.

Ask God to awaken the curiosity within you. Seek His guidance as you embark on the adventure of discovery, knowing that as you knock, doors of wisdom and revelation will fling open. Let your curiosity and wonder be contagious and inspire others to embrace the joy of discovering God’s creation and His thoughtful details.

Today’s One Thing

Step outside and observe the intricate details of nature surrounding you. Take a nature walk or pause to stargaze. As you do, offer a prayer of gratitude for the beautiful intricacies God placed within your sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. In a journal or quiet place of reflection, acknowledge any discoveries or moments of awe that stir within you.

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