Surrender to God’s Wisdom

As you seek God for wisdom, you must choose to surrender control.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.

– Isaiah 55:8 ESV

Have you prayed for God to give you wisdom over and over again? It may not be wisdom you need to ask Him for, but instead ask for surrender. Maybe you need to give up all the things you are attempting to control before you can fully embrace God’s purpose and His plan.

God’s perspective is different from your own. It is easy for us to forget that. Trusting Him means recognizing His greater understanding of His plans and relinquishing your will to Him, even when you think you know what is best. He sees the big picture much more clearly.

Trusting God means relinquishing your plan and embracing His.

As you surrender to God and release to Him the issues in life you have no control over, trust Him. In that trust, you’ll find peace and confidence as He guides you through the challenges you do have some control over. You can choose to respond as He would have you respond.

Surrendering to God takes a conscious effort, but it is the path to wisdom and the assurance that He will make your paths straight, just as He promised in Proverbs 3:5-6.

As you spend time in prayer and surrender to God, you will begin to discern His voice:

  • Through the Bible.
  • Through godly counsel.
  • Through your circumstances.

Trusting God’s wisdom is a journey, but it starts with an intentional choice to surrender your understanding and rely on His plan.

Today’s One Thing

God, today I choose to surrender it all to You. I trust Your plan for everything that concerns me today. Forgive me for attempting to control things only You can.

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