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If you could only share one Scripture in your lifetime, today’s verse is arguably the one to share. Three points in these two verses sum up the gospel.

I told you the most important part of the message exactly as it was told to me. That part is:
Christ died for our sins, as the Scriptures say. He was buried, and three days later he was raised to life.
─ 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 CEV

The death, burial and resurrection points are key, but don’t miss the first part of the verse – Paul said, I told the message exactly as it was told to me. It’s vitally important that you share the message of Christ in its fullness, neither adding to nor taking away from it.

Tell others the gospel, just as it was told to you!

The three most important points are:

• Christ died for our sins just as God foretold in Scripture.
• He laid in the tomb, dead and buried for three days.
• He was made alive again, just as it was foretold.

Christ’s death on the cross was intentional, planned before the beginning of time and prophesied long before it happened. The Son of God came to earth to take the place of everyone condemned to die in their sin, so that all who received Him could be saved (Psalm 16:8-11, Isaiah 53:5,6).

Today’s One Thing
Ask God for an opportunity to share the salvation message with someone this week. Watch for an opportunity and see how quickly God opens the door.

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