The Gifts that Fit Perfectly

But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.

─ Ephesians 4:7

We’ve all received a gift that we really wanted, only to discover it didn’t fit the right way. Or perhaps it wasn’t the gift we wanted at all. We’ve all received a present that just wasn’t quite right.

God’s gifts always fit. The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is often the first and by far the most perfect gift we will ever receive. God’s many gifts are perfectly tailored to meet our need, no matter what circumstances we are facing. Sometimes it’s something we desperately need. Often, it’s something He’s placed within us from birth. Many times, it’s simply a blessing given for no apparent reason other than He loves us.

His calling on our life is without reproach – meaning no matter where we find ourselves in life, no matter how many times we feel like we have failed, His calling is still within us. It’s something He placed inside of us to do before the foundation of the world.

Most importantly, the gifts He’s given us can be just for us, but more times than not, they are given to us to share with the world.

Today’s One Thing

Think about the gifts you’ve received from God. What are you doing with those gifts? Ask God today how He would have you use them to bless others and bring Him glory.

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