The Secret of Resilience

The weakness of God is stronger than men.

— 1 Corinthians 1:25 

Harriet Tubman’s legendary grit changed the course of the Civil War. A year after she escaped slavery, she began the risky venture of smuggling other slaves to freedom. Tubman’s Underground Railroad transported hundreds of hurting and terrified people north. This female freedom fighter went on to become a scout, a spy and the first woman to lead an assault which led to the freeing of 700 slaves.

Harriet Tubman is remembered as a hero, and she proved it’s possible to bounce back from a life of adversity and live a fulfilling life. How did she do it?

According to research, resilience can be cultivated. Survivors often have had very rough childhoods. But instead of seeing themselves as victims, they draw strength from their hardships. They push themselves and take every opportunity to move past their hurts.

But true resilience is more than a determination to push on. It is a belief in something larger than us. It’s an acknowledgment of God and His ability to see beyond our setbacks. While we may perceive our situation as hopeless, God has promised the pain and suffering of this world is temporary. We may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but resilience comes when we trust the darkness to the Lord of Light, who is able to overcome whatever we face. 

Today’s One Thing

Re-examine your life story. Is there an incident when God provided strength you didn’t have, to deal with a situation you couldn’t get out of? Write down how God has showed off His strength for the next time you need a reminder that He is at work.

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