In the hands of God, availability leads to shareability.

They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.

– Acts 4:31 ESV

As the passenger climbed into the window seat next to Carly, she began talking before she sat down. She told Carly, someone she had never met, all about how tough her life has been.

“There is just no way out of this,” she sighed, “There is no hope in this world!”

Carly listened patiently and prayed. She had been asking God to give her boldness and here was her chance. She knew she could not let this moment pass without saying something about her Savior, Jesus.

When you ask God for boldness to share your faith, He will provide opportunities.

Carly could not help but speak up, “There IS hope. His name is Jesus. He is the only hope in this world. He came to save the world and He loves you. In fact, He provided a way for your forgiveness and for the healing of your hurting soul.”

“Religion doesn’t work,” Carly’s seatmate stated as she rolled her eyes.

Surprisingly undaunted, Carly simply stated that it is about a relationship, not a religion. After that, the woman poured her heart out to Carly, clearly needing to talk to someone who would listen. Before long they were laughing together.

As they exited the plane, the woman thanked Carly for listening. And Carly was grateful for the opportunity to plant some seeds of God’s truth and love into the heart of her seatmate for Him to nurture and grow.

Have you been asking God for opportunities to share His good news with someone who needs it badly? He will provide them for you and will give you the words to say.

Today’s One Thing

Ask God for a chance to share about your relationship with Christ to someone who needs to hear. Listen for His guidance. Be available and watchful. Share what you know.

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