Through Your Eyes of Faith

Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

─ Hebrews 1:14

Daniel texted his colleague, Missy to let her know he’d be late to pick her up for their meeting Tuesday morning. Once he arrived at her house, he leaned over to open the passenger car door with additional apologies. “I don’t know what happened. I never sleep through my alarm.”

Missy slid into her seat and buckled her seat belt. She smiled and tried to ease his frantic frustration. “It’s okay. We were leaving a little early anyway, and I think we can make up a little time going a different direction. There’s a traffic jam on the interstate on our former route.”

“Thanks,” Daniel said, pulling away from the curb. “It’s a new client and you know how much it bothers me to be late.”

Missy wasn’t always bold in sharing her faith, but she felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do so. “You know,” she began, “when my course is altered throughout the day, I just have to believe that God is leading the way. We have divine helpers that defend, protect and keep us from harm’s way.”

“You mean, like angels?” Daniel asked softly.

“Your delay this morning most likely kept us out of the wreck on the interstate,” she concluded.

Daniel smiled. “You’re right. I need to relax and be thankful.”

Today’s One Thing

Practice paying more attention to the things you can’t see with the natural eye. Take note this week of those things God shows you with your eyes of faith.


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