Turn the World Upside Down

God gave Jesus all authority in heaven and earth. It’s in that authority that Jesus charged the disciples to share the good news and make more disciples as they taught others about Him.

The disciples spread the Good News everywhere. The Lord worked with them. He confirmed his word by the miraculous signs that accompanied it.
─ Mark 16:20 GW

That same command – to share the Good News and make disciples – has also be given to you, and the authority of Jesus brings miraculous signs even today to confirm His Word.

You have His power available to share the Good News.

Jesus’ existence on earth turned the world upside down. The things of God don’t make sense to the world any more today than they did when Jesus walked on earth with His disciples. But as people come into the kingdom and surrender their lives to Jesus, they begin to see the truth of who He is and who they’re created to be.

The power to do miracles still gets the world’s attention today. Through miracles, people see and experience God. The Lord wants to work with you, just as He did His disciples.

The authority and power He walked in then still exists today. As a Christ follower, you have the same power available to share the Good News and point others to Him.

Today’s One Thing
Invite God to use you to turn the world upside down. You have influence and power in your part of the world. Choose today to use it to bring disciples to the Kingdom of God.

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