Waiting for His Time to Bloom

The harder the circumstance hits you, the heavier it can weigh on your mind. God wants you to trust Him in the waiting.  

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

─ Psalm 27:13 –14 ESV

Two friends who worked for two different companies were laid off around the same time. The first one struggled to fully trust God. Even though she prayed and tried to leave it in His hands, she worried, letting her emotions get the best of her and continually took it back upon herself to fix it. 

The second person embraced her situation. She activated her faith by doing whatever she felt God led her to do and kept her heart and mind on God, truly believing it would all work out. She too had difficult days, unsure of her career. But she walked in peace knowing God would do what He had promised.

How you wait on God determines what happens as you wait. 

The first friend watched as the second friend live each day in peace, confident that when the time came, God would show her the job He’d chosen for her. And in a matter of months, the second friend received a call “out of the blue” for a great job. The first friend began to think about the second friend’s attitude about unemployment and God’s provision. 

She decided to trust God for His timing. She slowly began to let go of the fear, anxiety and the need to do something on her own. When she felt her heart connect to Him in full trust and expectation, something shifted completely. She knew God would take care of her. And in a few months, she too received a job offer.

God always opens things up at just the right time. How you wait on God determines what happens as you wait. Trusting Him provides confident peace, not necessarily a shorter time of waiting. It might not fit your timeline, but it’s important to wait with the right attitude – with a posture of trust. Like a flower blooming in season, God’s plans and provision open up to reveal the beauty of all the things God did to bring a blessing to you.

Today’s One Thing

Don’t give up on what God has for you. Wait with patience. If you struggle with waiting, invite friends to pray for you to grow in your trust of the Father. 

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