When It’s Hard to Pray

In my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me.

─ Psalm 120:1

Kennedy’s friends and family considered her a “pray’er,” someone known by the prayers she prayed for others. They looked to her when they found themselves in a difficult place. It was common for her to get a text or phone call asking her to advocate for someone.

Lately though, she found prayer difficult. When others asked her to pray, she felt inadequate. She knew it was because of her own crisis. Kennedy was weary of waiting for God to bring about the answers she felt she desperately needed in her own life.

When her father called her early one morning to ask her to pray for her brother, she admitted it was really hard to pray for him – for anyone right now. Their situations were too similar. He’d just lost his job, and she’d gone months without employment. She knew God would provide for both of them in His time. She didn’t doubt that. She struggled with the wait … the not knowing … the inability to plan her life.

Later that morning, Kennedy stepped outside for a walk and a talk with God. The crisp, biting winter winds slapped her face awake. She poured all her insecurities out to God. She asked Him the hard questions and admitted her frustrations. She asked God to increase her trust in Him and to lead her to His perfect plan in His time. As she prayed, in spite of her feelings, new strength filled her. Then she was able to speak to God about her brothers, and the others who had asked her to pray.

Today’s One Thing

When has prayer seemed hard? For comfort and encouragement today, pray Psalm 4, Psalm 16 or Psalm 23.



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