With You in the Pause

Life is full of waiting periods—moments when you’re seeking answers, direction, or even a breakthrough. It’s easy to grow impatient or discouraged when God seems silent.

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

– Isaiah 40:31 NLT

Nathan Cochran of MercyMe touched on this very human struggle when he said, “I wish there’s like a magic patience pill.” Perhaps you’ve had the same wish as Nathan. His words resonate with many of us, and they bring today’s verse, Isaiah 40:31 to mind.

When you hope in the Lord, something incredible happens: your strength is renewed.

You see, waiting is more than experiencing the pause; it’s about the posture of your heart during that pause. Are you putting your hope in the Lord, as Isaiah encourages? When you do, something incredible happens: your strength is renewed. You find that you can endure, not because the waiting gets easier, but because your strength comes from God.

If you’re in a season of waiting, don’t lose heart. It’s okay to acknowledge the difficulty of the wait, but also remember to lean into God’s promises. Trust that the Holy Spirit is alive in you, guiding you even when the way forward isn’t clear.

Let this prayer be your companion in the waiting. It can be a source of comfort and strength, reminding you that God is with you, even in the pause.

Today’s One Thing

Pray: Heavenly Father, in this season of waiting, I place my hope in You. Renew my strength; help me to trust that Your timing is perfect, even when it doesn’t align with mine. Fill me with Your peace and give me the patience to wait, knowing that You are working all things for my good. Amen.

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