You are Famous

A pastor recently inquired of his congregation, “What if we revered God the way we revere celebrities and athletes?”

The Lord says, “I love justice and I hate oppression and crime. I will faithfully reward my people And make an eternal covenant with them. They will be famous among the nations; Everyone who sees them will know That they are a people whom I have blessed.”

─ Isaiah 61:8-9 GNT

Our culture has been star stuck for generations by those with beauty, talent or abilities. But those who are famous in God’s eyes respect and honor Him above all else. They lived lives surrendered to Him. They weren’t perfect; they made mistakes. 

You are famous in God’s eyes because His favor is evident in your life.

The words of the Lord in the verse above hold His promise to faithfully reward all who make an eternal covenant with fame among the nations. All who see a person fully surrendered to God will know they are His because of the blessings of God in their lives.

God loves you and as you honor His presence and follow His truth, you become famous in His eyes as well as in the eyes of others because His favor is evident in your life. 

Today’s One Thing

Examine your heart today and ask yourself, “Have I fully surrendered all of who I am to my Heavenly Father?” If you’re holding anything back, decide today to give it all to Him. And if you find yourself fully surrendered, then count your blessings and be expectant for others to see God’s favor in your life. Give Him the credit when they notice it and comment to you.

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