You Can Hope without Wavering

Who within your circle of friends would you describe as having integrity? Naturally, no one is perfect, but there is probably someone in your life that exemplifies an integrous life and rarely lets you down. They are a person of their word and live by a set of values containing a high standard of morals and ethics. 

Let’s hold firmly to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

─ Hebrews 10:23 ESV

If you can name a friend in answer to the above question, God has blessed you. Jesus is the perfect example of integrity. He lived a life filled with love, compassion and truth. He wasn’t afraid to show grace or stand up for righteousness. He constantly communicated with the Father and fulfilled the Lord’s promises. 

He told His disciples that the Father would send a Helper who is the Spirit of Truth (John 14:16-17). The Father is the source for living an integrity-filled life. He has given us Jesus and His Word as the ultimate source. Plus, believers have the Holy Spirit to provide guidance and conviction to live a life filled with integrity, love, grace and hope. 

The Lord is faithful, and He defines integrity.

Okay, the probability of you knowing that Jesus is the perfect example of integrity is high, but here’s the truth, we should live our lives believing in the Lord and trusting in Him. It is easy to be skeptical of someone who doesn’t live an integrity-filled life, which is the most significant reason why you should follow Jesus and His Word. You can trust in Him and His Word. You can hold fast to His integrity!

“Hold fast” simply means to remain secure. You can be secure in God’s promises. He is the ultimate source, and He has provided you with the ultimate example.

Today’s One Thing

When you pray today, thank the Father for the people He has placed in your life who exemplify and live a life of integrity. Ask Him for the sensitivity to hear the Holy Spirit bring a higher level of truth and conviction to your life, so your integrity is unquestionable, and your actions are delightful to Him (Proverbs 12:22).

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